What to Pack For Your Family Forward Trip

It's time to start making a packing list for the Family Forward retreat. As you know, Florida can be hot and humid in August.


Packing Tips for Florida

  • Backpack or shoulder bag: Universal Orlando Resort has rental lockers outside each of their thrill rides and roller coasters. If you have a purse or lighweight back pack, you can store it there while you go on your favorite ride. If you want to bring a soft-sided insulated bag into the park, make sure it is no larger than 8.5" wide x 6" high x 6" deep.

  • Camera: You will want to take lots of pictures while you are at Universal. Don't forget to bring extra memory cards and a portable battery charger for your phone.

  • Clothing: Every Family Forward event and activity is theme-park casual, so no need to bring tons of extra clothes or shoes. Temperatures will be in the high 90's with high humidity. Consider adding the following items to your packing list: pants/shorts/shirts/skirts made of lightweight, breathable fabric; comfortable walking shoes; swimming suit, swimming shirt, cover up, and shoes for the pool; sun glasses; pajamas. Do not worry about bringing towels as they are provided in the hotel rooms and at every swimming pool.

  • Hydration: You can bring water bottles into the park. Make sure you water bottles are not glass.

  • Rainy day gear: Florida is known for its rain storms. Although you can buy rain ponchos in the parks, you may want to consider packing a few and bringing them with you to the park.

  • Snacks and meals during the retreat: During planned/structured retreat activities, snacks, drinks, and meals are provided. See the schedule for more details. For events outside of planned/structured retreat activities, including free time on your own in the parks, you will be on your own to cover your snacks and meals. If you are looking to save money, consider purchasing snacks like crackers, nuts, or other small items to keep in your hotel room to cover you.

  • Snacks at the park: Everyone gets a little cranky when they are hungry. You are allowed to bring in small snacks to the park. If you know you are going to be out for most of the day, pack a few small snacks in sandwich bags to save money. Keep in mind, that if your items are too big, they might not be allowed at the park. Universal Orlando Resort® has a lot of great places to eat, including many restaurants in the parks and outside at City Walk. They also have a family food plan to help you save money.

  • Sun protection: Don't forget to pack sun screen, chapstick, sun glasses, and a hat. Being out in the park all day, you are going to be exposed to the sun. If you are prepared, you'll avoid getting a sun burn.

Start laying out your items early so you make sure you have exactly what you need during your trip. Certainly, every family will have unique needs, but with this list, we hope you will have everything covered while you are at Universal Orlando Resort®.

How Much Room to Leave in Your Bags for Swag

Family Forward is mostly a swag-free event. Any items sponsor provide your family, including giveaway items, will be shipped directly to your homes. While some sponsors may offer smaller items, these will be optional for you to take home. In short, you will not have to worry about bringing extra luggage to cater to large amounts of swag from the event.

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