Do you have questions about the VIP Tours during Family Forward? 

Below are answers to frequently asked questions. Not finding what you need? Please get in touch with us. We're always here to help.

What is provided in the VIP Tour Guides?


Official VIP Tour details can be found here: The tours will go from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and include both theme parks.


What is the benefit of going on a VIP Tour Guide?


All of the amazing benefits are listed here:


How many people will be in each group?


Each tour group includes 12 people regardless of age per tour (no exceptions). Children under 3 are factored into the total number even though they do not require a Family Forward Family Pass or park passes.


How many guides will be with each group?


One (1) guide per tour group will accompany you on your VIP Tour.


What other family(ies) will be in my group? 

You will be touring with other Family Forward families.

Do I get a say in who I tour with (the other families)? 


If you know a family or two you would like to tour with and arrange it with them at the outset, please just let us know on the form we send you. As long as there are no more than 12 people in your group, including children under 3, we will do our very best to accommodate your requests. The form will be sent out via an eNewsletter on Tuesday, July 18, 2017. 

Note: Both parties must request each other to ensure you have the highest chance of ending up in the same group together.

What if I want to ensure that I'm with people with like interests (don't go on rollercoasters, have teens, only have little children)? How will we form the groups? 

Once all attendees are registered for Family Forward 2017, we will send out a form, asking if you have preferences for who you tour with, ride preferences. From there, the Family Forward team will make assignments based on preferences, children's ages, and things like pairing up families who love thrill rides, etc. We kindly ask that you respect our final decisions on group configurations.


What if I don't like the other family(ies) in my group? Can I switch midday? 


Once attendees sign up for groups, groups are considered final and can’t be switched once they begin.


What if I've been on a VIP Tour before and I liked my tour guide, can I request the same tour guide? 


Unfortunately, no! We allow the the VIP Tour team the opportunity to pair families with guides they feel would be best for them.

It says the tour guide will be with us for lunch. Does that mean we have to pay for his/her lunch? If we're with other families, does that mean we split the cost? 


Lunch is on your own as a group and the cost is covered, but the tour guide will stay with you. The tour guide will pay for his/her own lunch.  


Do we need to tip our guide and, if yes, what is the appropriate amount to tip our guide? 


Tipping is preferred. 20% is a typical amount, but how much you tip is at the discretion of each family. We suggest a minimum of $30 per family or more if the service was stellar.


What if I have a toddler who needs a nap? Can I leave and come back? How will that work?


You are able to leave and come back, but would need to keep in touch with someone staying with that group to find out where the group is so you can rejoin.


What if we don't like to stop for lunch, but would rather grab food and eat on the go to be able to see more of the park? 


Time for and the cost of lunch is included in the VIP Tour. Since you are touring with other people, we suggest you come to consensus on lunch plans at the outset of the tour.


What happens if it rains during our VIP Tour Guide? Where will we go? What will we do? 


VIP Tours take place come rain or shine. If it rains, complimentary rain ponchos are provided. Please know that some outdoor rides may close down if there is severe inclement weather.


What do the tour guides do while we ride the rides? 


The tour guides typically wait in the child swap area with any guests who don’t want to ride (or can’t), as well as with any guest bags.


Can we still do child swap with our tour guides? 


Yes, child swap will still apply during your tour.


What if we want to end early? 


Any guest can depart from the tour at any time.


Can the tour guides help us make meal reservations for lunch and dinner that day? 


Full service lunch as well as the cost is included with the tour and reservations won’t be needed with the quick service restaurants. Your tour guide would be happy to help you secure reservations if you would like to visit a specific restaurant for lunch.